Event Resources

For information please feel welcome to contact our Church Office by email or phone during office hours M-F 9:30am-noon.


Event Ticketing

We may use 3rd party ticketing or donations on the day. We are happy for you to use your own ticketing services.

The Church building sits approximately 200 people.

The Church lawns may have 100 to 200 people for 2 to 3 hour casual events, and higher numbers with good advertising and sponsorship.

Any use of cash requires a security guard from a professional firm. We have such a firm that we use, and recommend a minimum of 2 guards.


Agency Information

If you would like to hold an event and have your own contacts as an agent, we may agree on a modest fee for use of our buildings and grounds.

If we utilise an agency service, we recognise industry practices in discussion with you such as your commission from musicians.

Our Hall facilities are usually booked for the last week of each month so we can prepare for the following week’s Jumble Sale which takes priority. Outside those times there is quite a degree of flexibility, but we need to check what type of event is occurring, and what other activities we hold. Our main website shows our existing community/social activities that occur each week.


Helpful Information

Concerts – quartets, symphony, recitals, through to Jazz, Country & Western … we all like music.

Host your School musical event – we have enjoyed many local schools with their choirs and bands, including nearby areas such as Nudgee.

Your group or agency/provider will need to forward proper insurance or other documents for purposes of liability.

We have a number of people who like to offer community services at low to no cost, but we like to ensure more formal events have musician union rates applicable.

We are open to use of entertainers or performers besides musicians.

As per industry practice, we would negotiate your work with us and discuss cancellations and weather conditions.

We like appropriate music for the community.

We are aware of surrounding neighbours and would see some requirements around frequency of events, sound levels and times.

While music events are usually in the Church or on the Lawns, you are welcome to consider an informal performance for a few players or as a soloist on the lawns nearer the footpath under the trees, where people like to have a picnic blanket and lunch. Shops are nearby for the public to wander over.


General Information

Please see our site map for general layouts.

We have three phase power. We discuss staging and cover (e.g. marquee or gazebo), as well as sound equipment and whether some or all of this is from yourself or us.

We do not provide lighting – sponsors usually provide a larger stage and lighting.

We have a total of 7 toilets, which has covered us well for previous events that varied in size.

Events can range from markets (e.g. 20 stalls), to hiring for movie nights, birthdays on the lawn, weddings, music events on the lawns or in the Church, or even very large events for the local community and business such as Christmas Carols. We have had BCC and Racecourse Road Business Group sponsorship, and involvement with local business such as Real Estate/Developers.

We have a security company for security on the day, and access to police on certain events.

Our location is central to Hamilton with plenty of nearby parking and good public transport, excepting some disruptions from new roadworks to Kingsford Smith Drive.

We usually have a number of Church members present at nominated functions.

We may discuss Health and Safety requirements with you. A number of our parishioners will have a Blue Card.

This is obviously a SAFE venue for events and children. We would expect to know if formal photography or video is happening as that may also need approvals as per standard industry practice. For example, social media images of outdoor events are usually okay, but DSLR photography requires permission. Indoor concerts require permission and should not be interrupted from casual use of mobile devices.

If the industry standards require you to have food or other permits or insurance liability, we will need to see those documents. We like to see either food trucks, vans, or gazebos providing food.

We enjoy seeing what variety people come up with, such as bouncy castles or other components of interest that support an event.

We are aware of surrounding neighbours and would see some requirements around frequency of events, sound levels and times, plus appropriate types of music.

We will not store any cash overnight.

Events must not conflict with community and Church values or fail to meet public standards such as your approvals or insurance.

Some events may be non-profit seeking to cover costs. We also have a less visible cost for maintaining the lawns and grounds or building – such as cleaning, mowing, patching up the lawn and so on.

If an event is specifically for profit, we of course would remind of any financial obligations such as proper payments to people, and royalties where applicable.

Please be aware of any local police or City Council regulations when conducting an event, such as how security and public is managed, and where flyers are allowable or not allowable (such as street posts).


Sponsorship Information

We have good connections to the local Racecourse business groups and locality.

If you would like to be involved with an event, we are happy to discuss. For example, your logo on flyers or an event’s web page, a gazebo to market your service, or larger sponsorships for major events to support the community.

Sponsorship must not conflict with community and Church values.

Event Hires

Hiring Information

What is your imagination?

We provide facilities that have some degree of scope, in an area that has plenty of accommodation and is near the airport.

As we have our own Church work and limits on what we can reasonably handle, we do not provide facilities such as the green lawns for regular monthly markets, but you can arrange a market event here and there.

We have a priority on our monthly Jumble Sale, which limits use of the hall to the floor area (the stage is unavailable), and keeping the last week of the month clear for busy preparations for the 1st Wednesday Jumble of each month.

You may like to have a birthday on the lawns, a wedding reception under marquees.

You may like to provide Christian Outreach music.

You may like to offer some recitals for lunch time concerts in the church.

Outside our own regular use of facilities and those times there is quite a degree of flexibility, but we need to check what type of event is occurring, and what other activities we hold. Our main website shows our existing community/social activities that occur each week.

Although infrequently thought about, we actually have a Columbarium under the main church which has been used with ancillary activities to the outdoor events.

Our Community Hall is a large space, and contains a small kitchen.


Safety Information

Safety is a fundamental priority at all events. Please review the notes below and contact us for questions.

General Guidelines for Public Events and Safety.

These are indicative and informational only. For specific details, please contact our office, and/or review online “ACSQ” documents.

The Anglican Church of South Queensland (ACSQ) encourages you to develop and maintain a positive safety culture so that activities are safe from harm.

Part of your role is to perform tasks in a safe and responsible manner, such as proactively identifying potential hazards before they occur, assessing risk, and taking appropriate action. If you think something may be unsafe, please pause, consider, and talk to your manager and an event organiser or helper on the day so that safety has a lower risk of being compromised.

These actions include your legal requirements for health and safety, food, cleanliness, hygiene, and public behaviour.

For musicians, ensure you adequately protect listeners and yourselves from excessive sound levels that pose risks such as damage to ear drums or cause of tinnitus.

Local councils are responsible for overseeing food safety and are in charge of issuing food licences. These requirements may vary, so please talk to your local council as to whether your activities will require you to have a food supervisor and/or plan or other preparation and process. For instance, if you are or are not exempt from the Food Act 2006, awareness or compliance of Food Safety Standards, and/or need to obtain a local government license. These requirements can vary depending on your situation, and if you are a non-profit organisation or not.

You shall provide copies of licensing and liability documentation as appropriate to our office for participation in public events.

Please ensure your ongoing review of practical items such as electrical leads, safe working and maintained systems and structures. For example, maintenance and use of gas cylinders, ladders, playground equipment, urns and so on.

Be aware the site is a shared area. Continual care is required with use of any vehicle or transporting of materials such as stages. Most equipment is envisaged not to require such degree of specialisation as to require registration. If your equipment is registered we need to know prior to an event. Ensure your structures are correctly constructed, such as use of marquees and gazebos.

When accessing and leaving our site, please take particular care of people and structures, and entering back onto Racecourse Road from both directions of oncoming traffic, and awareness fo bicycles and pedestrians along the footpath.

If you are unsure of a course of action, stop, assess, call for assistance to check things are safe.

Please use and handle materials in a safe way.

Please take care of your own needs, such as working in shade on hot days.

Please be aware of our site’s facilities, first aid kit, and location of fire extinguishers in the community hall, and helpers or workers on site such as security personnel.

Do not bring anything that is known to be an unapproved substance or item onto the site.

Please report any “near miss” or actual incidents. If you require an ambulance, please request same or call 000.

The closest hospital is the RBWH, Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital.

If you perform particular services that requires a safety assessment and/or checklist, please fill out and submit such documentation as appropriate to our office before the event.

Please observe all OH&S, local council and other related regulations. For instance, we may not put signs on footpath poles, dig materials into the grounds where there are underlying pipes, or remove tree branches without approvals.

We are a children safe environment.

We do not permit anti-social behaviour on our site, or other behaviour that poses risk of harm or upset to the public, including misuse of social media or use of video and photography without permission.

Smoking or electronic cigarettes are not permitted, with an advised minimum of 5 meters perimeter external to the site. Public areas shall have their own regulations in place.

Dogs are not really encouraged on site during an event, even though we love our pets, however they are permitted on site if need be and if there is no known risk of having a domestic pet on site for an event. Owners shall ensure pets do not come in contact with other pets or people where there is a risk of any form of aggressive or perceived aggressive response. Pets shall not be permitted to eliminate themselves in the public use spaces of the event.

All care shall be taken for friendly, good and courteous behaviour to anyone present on the site, with awareness of those who have special needs or vulnerabilities that can be addressed.

Please be aware of scenarios for varying weather conditions, and needs if an event is day time or evening.

Please show consideration for others on the site actively engaged in setups and take down around the event.

You should ensure any equipment with repeated use is maintained and replaced at appropriate intervals.

All equipment should be “easy” to use rather than showing difficulty and hence potential risk.

We do not permit his risk machinery or hazardous substances at events.

Your staff should be sufficiently experienced and/or trained for the service you provide with instructions for questions or difficulties on the day.

Please speak with us for particular needs or questions. As an example, we do expect musicians to take appropriate breaks at musical events.

Some requirements should be well known to those providing services. For example, if providing a food stall, the correct way to use signage, that noticeable levels of noise from generators is not acceptable. For musicians, that decibel levels should not exceed reasonable or agreed levels for the surrounding houses, the duration and time of the event.

All events are on Parish grounds and must comply to our regulations and style of events, and respect for our place of worship and beliefs.

Market stalls should be aware of industry practice, such as one’s own disposal of waste, no form of weapons for sale or on site, no sale of any animals, no illegal sales and so on. Stalls should be sized in agreement with the provider of the market and the Church office as well as number of stalls.

Should you have an injury or illness on the site, we ask you to immediately attend a hospital if it is serious, and for other conditions to see your doctor within 24 hours, at most 48 hours where deemed reasonable.

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